Plazmaman Ford Barra 4.0 Intake Manifold – Retro Style


Plazmaman’s Billet Inlet manifold is designed to suit Ford Barra engines converted into older Ford Falcons (Australian XR-XF or US ’66-’70), Mustangs (’67-S550) and many other vehicles. However. we now have now available a few different shaped Inlet domes to also suit other conversions, and DRAG race cars that require forward facing domes.

The main advantage of this design Inlet manifold is that it is designed to fit in tight engine bays. This is when a late model Barra motor gets put into a early model bodied vehicle, such as Cortina’s, Capri’s , X series Falcons and a variety of other manufacturers vehicle who are now getting the Barra Ford engine swap. Our range of Plenum domes MEANS THAT WE CAN CUSTOM TRIM THE DOME AROUND THE STRUT TOWER AREA TO ALLOW FOR TIGHT FITMENT. WE CAN ALSO TACK WELD THE INLET MANIFOLD AND SEND IT TOO YOU FOR TEST FITTING TO MAKE SURE IT IS A 100% PERFECT FIT. Please contact our sales team with any questions you may have.

These inlet manifolds were designed utilizing over 25 years experience at the forefront of turbocharged street/drift/race vehicles. We took all areas of design into account – which include ram tube length, taper and inlet volume. All Plazmaman inlet manifolds and products are precision TIG welded by experts in house at our Sydney Facility. Through our ability of manufacturing in house, we are able to guarantee these inlet manifolds with a life time workmanship warranty. They are rated to 200psi at any RPM level you choose.

Plazmaman inlet manifolds utilize some of the most advanced manufacturing techniques, including billet CNC bases, manufactured using multi axis HAAS CNC machines to ensure that all the one piece billet bases have tolerances to within .005. The inlet manifold dome utilizes a hard temper 3mm sheet alloy surface that has been made to shape in house through our advanced forming techniques. Our dual feed billet fuel rail is included with these manifolds, designed to suit 14mm, full length, top feed injectors (same as OEM BA/BF). We have options to use our range of billet throttle bodies to suit this manifold, or you can choose to use your own.

While we have options available to equip this manifold with one of our Plazmaman billet throttle bodies, be advised; Our throttle bodies are a traditional CABLE DRIVEN throttle body. If you are using the factory Ford ECU, you cannot use a cable throttle body, you MUST USE A DRIVE-BY-WIRE (DBW) THROTTLE BODY. Using a cable throttle body will require you to have a stand-alone ECU, such as Haltech, and you will need to figure out your own Idle Air Control Valve system as the Barra engine does not have one from factory (this function is handled by the DBW throttle and ECU). In nearly all cases, sticking with a DBW throttle (either factory, LS-style or Bosch Motorsport) will be the best and easiest way to go. The factory DBW throttle body is more than capable of handling 1000+hp.


  • 6061 T65 Billet aluminium.
  • O-Ring port style seal.
  • Comes supplied with a fuel rail.
  • Any throttle body type can be welded on.
  • 3mm heavy duty dome – 200+psi guarantee
  • Available in a 6 or 12 injector option.
  • These manifolds are available in raw, polished or stealth black finish.
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This item is custom made to order and will ship direct from manufacture. Expect 8-10 weeks for completion.

Additional information

Weight 640 oz
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 in
Product Finish

Raw, Stealth Black, Polished

Injector Style

6 Injector, 12 Injector – Single Rail, 12 Injector – Dual Rail

Throttle Body Flange

BA/BF, FG/FGX, LS-Style 102mm, Other-please specify

Vacuum Port Position

Top of manifold, Bottom of manifold