Ford Barra Ross Racing Pistons 10:1 with H13 wrist pins


These pistons are custom made for us and rated for 800-1,000 hp. With upgraded H13 wrist pin, they are rated to 1,500 hp.

They are a flat-top design with 10:1 compression, 0.010″ over bore from factory 3.362″ bore.

THESE ARE ON ORDER, ETA OCTOBER 1, 2022.  Have total of 3 sets still available on current order.

Out of stock



Model XR6
Bore 3.642
CH 1.213
Head CC 66
CR 10:1
HG 0.040
Dome H 0
Dish D 0
Pin Dia 0.866

Piston ring sizing: 1.2mm top compression, 1.5mm second compression, 3.0mm oil retaining set.

In Valve ctr 1.500
Ex Valve ctr 1.500
In Depth 0.085
Ex Depth 0.085