Barra – Boundary Billet Oil Pump Gears – MartenWear Treatment


Cut in the hardened condition for the highest performing geometry.

True race geometry, more flow, more endurance, not a copy of OEM.

Tighter fitting crank geometry for more strength, and higher flow.

Double side surface ground for the tightest tolerances possible and ultra flat parts held to .001mm or .00004 inches or better.

MartenWear heat treatment for ultra-long wear debris resistant surfaces

Our MartenWear process developed and applied all in house is a 2nd stage of heat treatment to our billet components. MartenWear heat treats the exterior surface of the part to be extremely hard and long wearing. This surface is more robust against debris ingestion and has been found to be wear free in all applications up to and beyond 13000 RPM. This process is available for most of our steel billet components.


  • Vickers; 620 – 720
  • Rockwell C: 55 – 60
  • Maximum Tested RPM: 13,000
  • RPM Limit: Unknown

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Billet oil pump gears with MartenWear Treatment by Boundary Pump Division to suit Ford Barra 4.0 engine.

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