Atomic Barra “On Car” Valve Spring Tool – RENTAL


On-car Valve Spring Removal Tool to suit Ford 6 Cylinder DOHC

This Tool is a simple device to facilitate quick and easy removal of valvetrain components in Ford 4.0L VCT twin cam Barra engines. The unique features of the tool are as follows: • The cylinder head does not need to be removed to gain access to the valve springs • Once the tool is fitted, all 4 valve springs per cylinder can be changed concurrently • No special skills are required to use the tool • The possibility of collets falling into the engine is greatly reduced The tool saves many hours of labour when changing one or many valve springs, valve stem seals or retainers – a mechanic can change all 24 springs in about 3 hours. Changing valve springs is very common due to the varying tensions of standard springs and their rapid deterioration in service, which in turn caused erratic idling and drivability issues. They are also regularly changed in Ford turbo vehicles as higher boost can bring about premature valve float. To use the tool, simply remove the camshafts, fit the tool to number #1 cylinder and the 4 springs can be changed in about 10 minutes. Refit the tool to the next cylinder in sequence and continue until all are changed, refit the cams and the job is done!

Suits Ford Barra BA-BF-FG engines.

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This item is a rental unit. Once returned, a refund will be issued minus a $25 rental fee.

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