Apex Torque – GM LS Head Stud Kit


Our stud kits are cut and rolled from billet steel containing our proprietary triple temper, 2 stage heat treat and alloy combination. This material gives an ultimate strength of 280,000 PSI and reusable yield strength of 260,000 PSI. We don’t stop with a strong part; every piece of our hardware is wrapped in corrosion and scratch-resistant armor creating a surface that resists corrosion for 60 hours in a salt spray and can be dropped and abused without worrying about a corrosion failure down the road.

  • Each piece of hardware in these kits is cut from billet. Not stamped, not forged, not cast, but made from the densest and strongest form of steel, right from the steel works.
  • Each piece of hardware: nut, washer, and stud is made from the same super-strong material, and heat-treated to the same level to ensure no part of the fastener stack fails.
  • Every washer and nut are perfectly matched to ensure the best distribution of load.
  • Each batch of heat treatment is tensile tested to ensure the fasteners in those loads reached the correct amount of strength, and that data is recorded onto your sets individually assigned quality paperwork.
  • Every thread is gauged, nut and stud, to ensure smooth torque loading and strong thread engagement.
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Additional information

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 2 in