Powerglide Pro Series 2-Stage Torque Converter Dump Valve Kit


Now available for purchase is the all new Powerglide Pro Series 2-Stage Torque Converter Dump Valve System!

Hughes Performance torque converter dump valves provide improved, faster staging responsiveness, increased staging stall speed, and also help contribute to reduced load against the engine thrust bearing while staging against the trans-brake. Dump valve kits all feature premium Fragola Performance Systems plumbing, Hughes Performance CNC machined components, and massive 0.250-inch orifice solenoid valving.

The 1st stage dumps converter charge oil as it’s entering the converter. This stage provides the most significant increase in stall speed and management of overall converter function down track. The 2nd stage dumps converter exhaust oil before it circulates through the cooler circuit. This creates a higher rate of exhaust oil flow out of the converter and allows for even higher stall speed capability from a given converter when activated in conjunction with the 1st stage while staging against the trans-brake. The 2-stage system is a max effort system that typically works best with small displacement high horsepower boosted engines, but can also be very effective in quite a wide variety of drag racing applications.

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Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

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