Barra BF Green Top LPG N/A Engine #48


Engine shipped as pictured with intake manifold, throttle body and sensors, no exhaust manifold. Has engine wiring harness with broken connectors (no wiring for injectors anyways). Engine does not have petrol / gasoline injectors or fuel rail, was propane injected only. Includes alternator and power steering pump.

E-Gas – Propane/LPG only model engine, does not have standard petrol/gasoline fuel injectors, rails or wiring. Rated at 209 hp/276 lb-ft, compression ratio of 10.3:1 for BA model, 10.7:1 for BF/FG. BA/BF have green valve cover and are said to have same connecting rods as used in turbo model engines, but with a press-fit wrist pins.

All engines are sold as good rebuild-able cores, as-is, without expressed or written warranty.

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