Barra BA E-gas Engine


Ford Barra BA Falcon E-gas/LPG/Propane engine. Sourced directly from Australia and available today in the USA. Removed from wrecked vehicle with approximately 190,000 kilometers. Complete with intake and exhaust manifolds, belt-driven accessories, wiring harness and starter.

E-Gas – Propane/LPG only model engine, does not have standard petrol/gasoline fuel injectors, rails or wiring. 4.0 Inline 6 cylinder DOHC VCT 24-valve rated at 209 hp/276 lb-ft, compression ratio of 10.3:1 for BA model, 10.7:1 for BF/FG. BA/BF have green valve cover.

All engines are sold as good rebuild-able cores, as-is, without expressed or written warranty.

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